– Auction House –

Want to sell one off items not worth making a shop for? Want to make some quick money, or search quickly for special enchantments, armor, and more? Look no further than the player run auction house!

Sell items, search, buy, and more! Visit the auction house building and NPCs at the docks at spawn, or look at the command list below for more information!

💰Auction House Commands & GUI Navigation:
/ah – open up the auction house GUI menu to search or purchase items

/ah sell [price] – hold the item(s) in your hand you want to list, name your price, and it’ll be posted to the auction house!

/ah cancel – this will cancel ALL your listed posts in the auction house and return them to your inventory

/ah expired – view your expired items to return them to your inventory

/ah selling – view all the items you currently have listed for sale

/ah search [term] – search the auction house for a particular item (example: /ah search diamond)


See information including seller, item, enchantments, price, and more in the auction house GUI!


Click on the diamond in the lower, left-hand corner to view your listings page and economy balance.

View and collect your expired listings, see who purchased your recent listings, and more!

Click the sunflower in the bottom-middle of the menu at any time to switch how you sort your listings.