– Brewing –

This guide goes over all devices needed to brew, and how to make them. A full list of recipes can be found by clicking here.


Fermenting is the first step to making brews, and is essentially the “soup” you’ll be making into your brew later!

Place a cauldron over a fire, and fill it with water. This will be used to boil ingredients into a brew. 

Right click the side of the cauldron with ingredients to add them to the mix, and right click with a clock to check how long it has been boiling.

Pictured: cauldron set-up in the ground.

Pictured: cauldron set-up above ground.

Right click with a glass bottle to bottle your brew when it’s finished. One cauldron yields 3 bottles.


Distilling is required for some recipes. 

Place a normal brewing stand, and in the top slot a single glowstone dust as pictured below.

Nothing else needs to be added to the brewing stand, and the glowstone dust will not be consumed, it just acts as a filter for the distilling process. The distiller will automatically stop when the bottles are done distilling. 

Distilling needs to take place after fermenting, but before barreling your brews.


Barrels are used for aging brews. 1 year aging time = 20 minutes in game, or one day/night cycle. Some recipes call for certain wood types, so be mindful when creating your barrels. Place your brews in the barrel when you’re ready to age them.

Barrels come in all wood types (minus crimson & warped).

🐤Small Barrels

Use 8 of the same type of stairs, and place them as pictured. Put a sign in the lower right corner with the top line that says “Barrel” (without quotation marks). You will get the message pictured below. You MUST keep the barrel sign, you cannot remove it or else it will no longer function.

Pictured: barrel with 8 stairs and a sign with the top line that reads “Barrel”.

Pictured: Barrel sign.

Pictured: Barrel created message, what will show if you are successful in making your barrel!

🐓Large Barrels 

Materials: 5 fences, 16 stairs, 18 wooden planks, and 1 sign. 

Place the fences as pictured below:

Pictured: fences on top and bottom left to right one block apart, the fences on the sides top to bottom two blocks apart.

Then place 8 upside down stairs on top of the fences like it’s pictured below:

Then fill in the empty space between them, and line the top of the stairs with planks as shown in the picture below:

Then place another 8 stairs on top of the planks that are above stairs as shown in the picture below:

You can then fill in the top empty space with the remaining planks as shown below:

Finally, add a fence post to the middle of the bottom most row of blocks, and a sign with “Barrel” in the top line as pictured below:

After creating the large barrel, you can remove the sign and it will still be functional.

🔒Sealing Table

Sealing your brews will prevent them from aging further if you want to continue to store them in a barrel. Sealed brews cannot be modified or aged any further. 

Sealing tables can be crafted using any wood planks (four of them), and 2 glass bottles as pictured below.

Pictured below is the brew BEFORE going in the sealing table:

And AFTER going in the sealing table: