– Enchantments –

We have over 300 custom enchantments for armor, weapons, tools, and more! Some examples are lava walker, infinite night vision, flying, and so many more. Enchantments are obtainable through enchantment tables, villagers, and in natural generation like mineshafts and boats.

There are ton of fun custom items to apply to your weapons like cosmetics, and enchantment number increases!

All enchantments, except those you get through an enchantment table, have a success and failure rate. You can increase this success rate using items. Succeed in applying it and it will enchant your tool. Fail, and risk having the enchantment book destroyed. Drag and drop on the item to enchant it or apply an item.

There are levels of enchantments, the better the level the better the enchantment. Some special items can be purchased through the admin shop at spawn, but otherwise they are found in natural generation.

Souls can be gained from killing mobs and mining, and spent on high level enchantments to gain special abilities!

/enchanter – exchange exp for enchantments, and access other menus

/tinker – exchange custom enchanted armor, weapons, and tools for exp, and special items

/alchemist – exchange magic dust for higher levels to increase success rates on enchantments, and combine books for better enchantments

/ae [info] [enchant] – get information about a particular enchantment

/withdrawsouls – withdraw gained souls to sell or give to other players, or store for later

?Special Items:
Slot Increasers and enchantment orbs increase the number of enchantments that can be on a tool.

White scrolls protect your items from being destroyed by enchantments.

Black scrolls will take away a random enchantment and give you the book for it with a random success and destroy rate.

Secret, mystery, and magic dust can be applied to tools to increase success rate, and decrease destroy rate. They can also be combined in the alchemist panel to increase this rate.

Randomization scrolls can be applied to enchantment books to re-roll their success and destroy rates.

Item nametags can be applied to tools to rename them. Color codes, format, and symbols are supported!

Item trackers can be applied to tools to track statistics like souls gained from killing mobs, mobs killed, and blocks broken.

Transmogrification scrolls can be applied to tools to automatically sort all enchantments by level, and stack trackers to the bottom.