– Grief Prevention –

Our server uses grief prevention to protect your doors, builds, chests, pets, and more!

Here are some helpful commands, and how to use it!

?Claim Commands:
/claim or place a chest – to start a claim. This defaults as 11×11, or 200 claim blocks.

/abandonclaim or /unclaim – deletes the claim you are standing in

/abandonallclaims – deletes all of your claims

/trust [name] and /untrust [name] – adds and removes a player from building in your claim, TOP TIER of building trust

/accesstrust [name] – gives a player permission to use buttons, levers, and beds, SECOND TIER of trust, cannot build or access chests

/containertrust [name] – gives a player access to all containers (chests, barrels, etc.) – THIRD TIER of trust, cannot build, but can access containers

/untrust all – removes all trusted players from your claim

/trustlist – shows all players trusted within a claim and what level of permission they have

/permissiontrust [name] – gives a player permission to share their level of trust with other players

/buyclaimblocks [amount] and /sellclaimblocks [amount] – buy and sell available claim blocks
You also accrue 100 blocks per hour of play time!

/givepet – give away one of your tamed animals to someone else

/claimslist – list all of your claims and where they are located

/trapped – if you’re stuck in a claim, it removes you from it

?How To Claim Land:

Your claim will be marked with gold and glowstone blocks. To resize, right click on one of the glowstone corners, and right click again further out to expand.

Pictured: new re-sized claim.

Pictured: re-size claim message.

Sub-Dividing Claims:
/subdivideclaim – puts your golden shovel into subdivision mode, AKA creating smaller sub-claims within your main claim that have separate claim permissions attached to them.
Do /basicclaims to enter back into the normal shovel mode.

Pictured: “/subdivideclaim” message.

/abandontoplevelclaim – deletes the main claim, NOT the subdivided claims. Use /unclaim to delete subdivided claims within your parent claim.

Right click within your already made claim to create a subdivision.

Pictured: In gold blocks and glowstone the main claim, and in iron blocks and quartz the subdivision claim.

Pictured: subdivision creation message.

Pictured: on the top “Explicit permissions here:” permissions for the subdivision, and on the bottom “Explicit permissions here:” the permissions for the main claim. 

You will need to separately trust people in the main claim and each subdivision. This makes it easy to create towns with separate plots so not everyone is added to every plot.

Claim Flags:
You can add “flags” to your claims to make certain things happen, like changing the weather, or time! Here are all available claim flags and commands on how to add & remove them.

/claimflags – use this command while standing in your claim to see all flags added 

/claimflag [flag] – adds flags to your claim 

/unclaimflag [flag] – removes flags from your claim

Available Claim Flags:
AllowPVP – allows PVP within your claim

EnterMessage & ExitMessage – set a message that shows up when players enter or exit your claim

NoEnter & NoEnterPlayer – block everyone, or specific players from entering your claim

NoChorusFruit – denies players from using chorus fruit teleportation in your claim

NoEnderPearl – denies players from using ender pearl teleportation in your claim

NoFallDamage – remove fall damage from your claim

NoGrowth – prevent crops, vines, and more from growing

NoIceForm – prevents ice from forming

NoLeafDecay – prevents leaves from decaying

NoMobSpawns & NoMonsterSpawns – prevents monsters from spawning in your claim

NoOpenDoors – prevents doors from being opened

NoPetDamage – prevents your pets from taking damage from mobs

NoSnowForm – prevents snow from forming on your claim

NoVineGrowth – prevents vines from growing but will allow other crops to grow

PlayerTime & PlayerWeather – change the time & weather in your claim

ProtectNamedMobs – protect all named mobs in your claim

RaidMemberOnly – prevents non-members of your claim from triggering a raid (example: for raid farms)