– Jobs & Money –

?Jobs Information?

You can join up to 3 total jobs at one time. You can leave or join any job at any time. If you leave the job, your experience will be penalized by 30 percent if you choose to join back to that job.

All experience earned from your job will go to your level bar and be usable for enchanting, CITs, or SlimeFun!

List of Jobs:

Job Commands:
/jobs browse : see all available jobs and what they pay, right click to join!

/jobs join [job] : join the specified job

/jobs leave [all, or specified job] : leave the specified job, with an EXP penalty of 30%

/jobs stats : view your job level and other information

/jobs gtop : shows global job statistics for the server

/jobs top [job] : shows jobs statistics for the specified job

/bal : shows your available balance

/baltop : shows the top balances

/exp : shows available EXP balance

/pay [name] [amount] : pays the specified player the amount of money listed

You can spend money at /warp Shop or at player run markets in towns, shop portals, and more!