– Marriage –

You can marry however many people you want on this server! Set a home, have a private group chat, teleport to each other, and more! When you’re married, the heart next to your name will be red, and if not it will be gray.

You do not need to have a priest present to be married, and it does not cost anything.

Crouch and right click your partner to kiss them.

?Marriage Commands:
/marry [name] : Request to marry someone.

/marry accept/deny : Accept or deny a marriage request.

/marry divorce [name] : Remove someone as your partner.

/marry tp [name] : Request to teleport to your partner.

/marry sethome [name] : Sets your home with your partner. This will be accessible to both of you.

/marry delhome [name] : Deletes your home with your partner.

/marry home [name] : Teleport to your set home.

/marry chat [message] : This is a private chat between one or all of your partners.

/marry chat toggle: Toggle chatting in the marry chat. Do the command again to disable it.

/marry gift [name] : Send whatever is in your hand to the specified player. If their inventory is full, it will be returned to you.

/marry pvpon [name] : Toggle PvP on with your partner.

/marry pvpoff [name] : Toggle PvP off with your partner.