– NPC Guide –

This information is for the Builtober 2021 event and server.

You will have access to 5 NPCs, and you can do anything you’d like with them (within the rules of course). Whether that is making walking and talking friends to bring your build to life, someone to man your front desk or tavern, or a cuddly friend to follow you or stay put on your build.

🧍‍♂️Basic Commands:
/npc create [name] – Create a humanoid NPC by the name you give it.
/npc create [name] –type [type] – Create a type of NPC, like a fox, by the name you give it.
Example: /npc create Fox –type fox – this will spawn in a fox npc named Fox.

/npc select [name/ID] – you can select an NPC by looking at it, or entering the name/ID.
An NPC needs to be selected to do any of the following commands on this list.

/npc remove [name/ID/All] – permanently removes your NPC (either the one you have selected, or by entering the name/ID).

/npc rename [name] – rename your NPC.

/npc tphere – teleports an NPC to your location. 

/npc name – this will toggle the name-plate visibility, so turning your ability to see the name above the head on and off.

/npc age [baby/adult] – toggles how old your NPC is going to. Only works on mob NPCs.

/npc equip – enters and exits the equipment editor. You can add armor and weapons for your NPC to wear/hold.

/npc text – enters and exits the text editor.

“Add” – will toggle adding text to your NPC, the message your NPC is going to send to other players.
“Edit” – will toggle editing the text you set your NPC to say. 
“Remove” – will remove all text from your NPC.
“Close” – will toggle your NPC to send a message when someone walks by it.
“Range” – will set how long of a distance in blocks a player has to be to be able to be sent the message from your NPC.
“Delay” – in seconds is how long between messages sent.
“Random” – will toggle your NPC to randomly send a message. 
“Help” – shows the menu shown in the picture above. 

/npc follow – toggles your NPC to follow you.
DO NOT make NPCs follow other people other than yourself.

/npc look – will toggle whether or not the NPC will look at people while they are near it/moving around it.

/npc swim – toggles whether or not your NPC can swim.

/npc gravity – toggles NPC gravity, so whether or not your NPC is affected by gravity. If toggled off, NPCs will not fall if the blocks under them are broken.

/npc path – toggle entering and exiting the NPC path editor.

Left click to create a waypoint, and right click to remove them.

Pictured: “toggle path” shown, all path points marked with ender eyes.

“Triggers” toggles the trigger editor, say it again to exit. NPCs will avoid these spots when travelling on their path.

“Clear” clears all waypoints.
Do /npc path to exit the path editor.