– Particles –

Player particles are available to ?Daisy+ and ☀️Sun+ ranks on our Minecraft server!

They can be used on yourself, tools, and more for fun effects!

Player Particle Commands & Information:

/pp : this opens up the player particle GUI editor! Here you can edit your particle data such as color, type, shape, and more!

/pp reset : removes all of your currently active particles.

/pp toggle : toggles whether or not your player particles are visible.

This is the player particles menu! You can hover over items to see what they do!

Hover over your player head to see how many particles you have active, saved groups, and more!

Click the blaze powder to manage your particles. You can create, edit, and delete particles here. See more info down below!

Click the chest to manage your particle groups. You can group things like player particles, tool particles, or however you like!

Click the ender chest to load one of your groups!

Click the firework to edit the primary effect of your particle, or the particle it will display.

Click the nether star to edit the primary style, or how the particles will move.

Click the book to edit primary data, or what color & type your particle is!

Managing Your Particles:

After clicking on the blaze powder, the following menu will show up.

Click the book and quill to start making your particle effects! Here you can select any particle effect you’d like to try out!

Click the paper to see the next page, and hover over items to see what kind of effect they make!

After you select your effect, the next menu will show up.

Here you can select your particle style, or how you chosen particle will display. Things like spheres, orbits, spirals, and more are options! You can also choose options like block break or place, where the particle will display if you do those actions!

Some particle effects have data, or things like colors, that you can edit. There is an optional third screen that will sometimes pop up.

Here you can choose colors, including rainbow and random!