– Pets –

Pets are available to ?Moon+ rank on our Minecraft server!

You can make tons of fun pets to follow you, ride, and even wear as a hat! You can change their size, color, sounds, name, and more!

?Pet Commands & Info:

/pet : opens up the pet GUI editor! Here you can summon pets, rename them, and more!

/pet remove : permanently removes your summoned pet (unless you save them).

This is the pets menu! You can hover over the icons to summon the specified pet!

The command block will load saved pets, or save your currently summoned pet by clicking the name tag in this menu.

Use the name tag to rename your pet. You can use color and format! See our nickname guide for more information!

Click the helmet to wear your pet as a hat.

Click the horse armor to toggle pet riding (only works with horses, donkeys, and mooshrooms).

Click the barrier to remove your pet.

After you summon a pet, you can edit its data!

Edit things like if they’re silent, a baby, and more here! You can also rename, toggle riding & hats, and removing your pet here.