– Resources –

Resources is the fifth category in your SlimeFun guide, and one of the most important to start unlocking things in!

All recipes have special, custom materials used to craft them, and a lot of them use dusts, ingots, and alloys to make them, AKA resources!

Used here is the SlimeFun resource pack linked in our Discord.

You can unlock all of these items individually with experience earned from quests, killing monsters, mining ores, and more!

There are two pages of resources available to unlock. You can navigate the menu by clicking on the next arrow at the bottom of the menu.

It is recommended to unlock items as you come across them in recipes you want to craft, rather than unlocking as they show up in order. They are NOT in order of what you will be using most commonly, or first.

This guide will not detail out all of the items in this menu as you can hover over them before you unlock them to see what they are.

Resources include everything from iron and copper dust, all the way up to pure Carbonado.

Some of the resources, like uranium, require a hazmat suit, which you can lock in armor, to be able to handle it or else you’ll be poisoned by radiation. Many of them require a wide array of machines and multi-blocks to create or use.

Once you unlock it, you can see if there are any other alloys, ingots, or dusts required to make it, and which machines are needed.

The resource section is a long spiral of needing 10 things to make 1, so again, it is HIGHLY recommended to leave this menu alone until you come across an item you need to unlock in it (unless you are on that grind, then go right ahead!).

Information On Dusts, Ingots & Alloys:
Dusts can be gained from sifting ores and washing them, crushing up ores, or through ExoticGarden ore plants.

Ingots are gained from smelting dusts in a smeltery.

Alloys are 2 or more ingots, and sometimes dusts, that are combined in a smeltery, pressure chamber, or other machine to form an end-game crafted item.