– Elevators –

On our server, you don’t need stairs or ladders (if you don’t want them)! Elevators are super simple to create, easy to use, and help to compact down large builds, and make getting around so much easier!

⬆️Creating An Elevator:

Materials needed to build one elevator:
♦ Two Quartz Blocks (Can also use any kind of planks)
♦ Two Redstone Blocks

Start by placing your redstone block down first, and then placing the quartz block on top of it as displayed here.

Then place another redstone block below a quartz block directly above it. Put space in between the two (like one on one floor, and one on the other). They just need to be in line with each other on the Y axis.

When you step on the quartz block, it should show you the following image on the top of your screen.

While standing on the quartz block, press the jump button to go up, and your crouch button to go down (default bound to space bar & left shift).

You can build more than one on top of each other, like having a working apartment elevator, and have near infinite space between them! You can also cover the redstone block, like digging it into the ground, or covering it with stairs for decoration too!

The quartz block has to be exposed (so you cannot put carpet on it) to detect that it is an elevator.