– Server Terms –

Terms & Conditions Regarding Our CIT or Resource Packs:

These terms and conditions supersede anything in a readme.txt file that comes with a resource pack.

  • DO NOT download any of these packs from any websites, only our Discord & our website unless otherwise specified.
  • Do not upload any of these packs to any other websites.
  • Do not claim any models not made by you as your own.
  • Do not modify & redistribute this pack unless you have explicit permission by the creators.
  • Do not modify any textures or models without explicit permission by the creators.
  • You may not use the contents of this resource pack for non-Minecraft related software or data packs.
  • You can use these packs on social media, streaming, YouTube, etc. with credit given for the packs.
  • The creators accept no responsibility for any loss resulting from these resource packs.
  • Terms and conditions may apply, and rules are subject to change.
  • The creators have the right to revise these terms and conditions at any time at our sole discretion.

    All art used for Clueless Craft logos made by us, Admin builds on our server, and other server utilities created by us are the sole property of the server creators, owners, and Staff. It is not to be redistributed, or claimed as your own. All above terms and conditions apply.

    If you choose to violate these terms and conditions, legal action may be taken by our team.