– Item Frames & Barriers –

On our server we offer craftable invisible item frames, barriers, and barrier pickaxes – which are used to break the barriers in survival mode! Barriers are helpful when building with CITs as they create an invisible area to hang things from, place things on, and more!

Below is how to craft all of those items, and how they work!

🚫Crafting Barrier Blocks & Pickaxes:

To craft barrier blocks, you need 4 glass in a 2×2 section of a crafting table as displayed below. 4 glass yield 4 barriers.

To craft a barrier pickaxe, you need an iron pickaxe surrounded by 4 barriers as displayed below.

Break the barriers like you would any other block! If it seems to be buggy, try breaking it from a different angle, or add another barrier. This should usually fix the issue. If you are having difficulty removing your barriers, please contact a Staff member!

🖼️Crafting Invisible Item Frames:

Crafted invisible item frames will show up glowing when nothing is in it, and invisible when something is placed in it! Sometimes this can cause our CIT items to sit funny, so if you’d rather use an invisible item frame pack, please feel free to!

You can craft invisible item frames by surrounding 1 glass pane by 8 item frames as displayed below.