– Protection –

Protecting your items is super important to us! To claim your land, refer to the Towny guide. The protection plugin can be used to protect chests, doors, signs, and more.

?LWC Commands:
/cpublic : Anyone can use this chest, but only the owner can unlock it/remove it.

/lock : Locks the chest and makes it private.

/cpassword [password] : Adds password protection to the chest.

/cdonation : Anyone can add items to the chests, but they cannot take them out.

/cdisplay : Anyone can view the items, but they cannot take them out.

/cmodify [name] : Adds a user to the chest to be able to access it.

/cunlock : Unlocks a password protected block.

/cremove : Removes protection from a block.

/cmagnet : Put nearby dropped items in the chest.

/cautoclose : Automatically close a door or gate if it was opened.

/cpersist : Makes your commands persist, so you can edit multiple blocks at once.