– Player Shops –

Want to earn some more income, or are you looking for some items sold by other players? Visit our bazaar, or make a player shop!

/qshop help – show a list of helpful commands

/qshop buy/sell – set your shop to either be buying items, or selling items out of the chest

/qshop staff [add/del/list] [player] – add staff to your shop; they cannot delete chests, signs, or earn money, but they can refill your shop and toggle buying and selling

/qshop find [item] – find the nearest shop selling the item you’re looking for

/qshop price [price] – will change the price you’re selling your items at

💰Creating A Shop:
While looking at a chest, use the following command:

/qshop create [price] [item] [amount]

This will automatically place a sign on the chest with the information, and the item on top of the chest. Left click the sign with items you want to restock, or put them in the chest. You can also change the item being sold by left clicking a chest with it, like selling custom enchantments, or SlimeFun items.

Pictured: example shop