– SlimeFun –

Our server uses the SlimeFun plugin (and some fun add-ons!) to bring the modded experience to a vanilla server! This plugin utilizes a variety of unique things such as custom enchants, food, ores, armor, and more!

You can craft TONS of different machines, tools, and magic items that will enhance the Towny experience! Below shows a basic guide on how to get started.

There are too many items, recipes, and information to post on just this one website. I recommend clicking here to go to the SlimeFun wiki for details on recipes and specifics.

Since this is such an intensive plugin with lots to do, if you get caught or need help you can contact a Staff member, use your in game guide, or go to /warp SlimeFun for more information on multi-blocks!

You can unlock items using experience earned from jobs, mobs, and more! SlimeFun takes a LOT of experience, materials, and work. A lot of the base vanilla materials can be found at /warp Shop, or you can ask around in the community.

?SlimeFun Commands:
/sf guide : Get a guide book for SlimeFun. This includes all craftable items and recipes.

/sf stats : Shows your statistics and your progress unlocking items.

/sf search [term] : Look up an item without having to scroll through your guide book.

?Getting Started:

The first thing you’ll need with SlimeFun is your in-game guide! This will show you all the recipes, categories, and things you can make! Do /sf guide in game to get one if you’ve lost yours or don’t have one!

You can right click to open this book, and then left click to see recipes, items, how to make them, and what they make!

Every recipe will show on the left hand side which machine you need to make it, like shown below.


Multi-blocks are physical recipes made with vanilla blocks to make modded-type machines that are used throughout SlimeFun. They all do something different, so pay attention to which ones you need for which recipe! It helps to label them with signs while you’re learning!

The first multi-block you will need for SlimeFun is the Enhanced Crafting Table. You’ll need 1 crafting table, and one dispenser.

Place the crafting table on top of the dispenser, as shown in the picture below.

If a recipe states it needs an Enhanced Crafting Table, you will put the recipe as shown in the book into the dispenser like it’s a crafting table, and then right click the crafting table to make it. You can then right click the dispenser to get your item!

Shown below is the recipe for the Portable Crafting Table with step-by-step instructions. This is an example of how recipes are used.

The Portable Crafting Table can be found under Useful Items in your SlimeFun guide.

Click on Useful Items, and then click on the item pictured below. If you do not have this unlocked, you will need to unlock it before you can make it.

There you can see the full image of the recipe.

On the left, you can see the crafting table block, and when you hover over it you can see this item needs the Enhanced Crafting Table to be made. For all recipes, this is where the machine you’ll need will be.

In the middle, you can see the recipe that needs to be input into the dispenser, a book and a crafting table. By hovering over these items, you can see if they’re vanilla blocks, or SlimeFun blocks.

On the right, you can see what the item will be when it is completed.

Input the recipe as shown below into your dispenser, and then right click your crafting table.

If you did it correctly, when you open your dispenser again, it should look like what is pictured below.

If not, the message pictured below will show. Make sure you have the right items, the right machine, and the right recipe!

Other recipes will show you what machine it needs, and what materials. For some recipes, you WILL need multiple machines, lots of materials, and EXP as well. SlimeFun is a plugin for collecting, unlocking, and lots of work!

Lots of the machines have a GREAT payout! There is a machine to disenchant, gain 2x the wood, smelt instantly and with fortune, and more!

As you unlock more items, you’ll gain more knowledge of the plugin and how to use it. If you have any questions, feel free to ask Staff!

More information on other Multi-Blocks can be found by clicking here.

More information on how to get started can be found by clicking here.