– Nicknames –

Nickname colors are able to be changed by all ranks! You can also use Minecraft color codes & format (not hex codes) in an anvil to name your items!

You can also do /kit nickname in game to get this information in book form!

❤️Nickname Commands & Info:

/nick [nickname] : the nickname base command to create your nickname. Do not include the brackets in your command.

/nick off : removes your nickname.

Nicknames can contain letters and numbers, but not symbols. If you get an error for it needing to be alphanumeric, make sure you have no spaces in your nickname, and you are only using letters and numbers.

You can use any Minecraft color codes (as shown below) or hex codes.

To make your nickname, you need to put the color code first, and then the format code.

/nick &bRobella will show up like this:

Put the format code AFTER the color code to format it.

/nick &b&lRobella will show up like this:

To make your name multicolored, you need to put the color code in FRONT of where you want it colored.

/nick &bRob&3ella will show up like this:

The format code needs to go in front of each color, it will not affect the entire nickname.

/nick &b&lRob&3&lella will show up like this:

To add hex codes to your name, instead of using Minecraft color codes (like &b, &3, etc.), put the hex code after &.

Click here to get hex color codes.
Click here to get the hex code gradient generator.

/nick &#3F9163Robella will show up like this:

And you can use Minecraft color codes with it, and color multiple colors & formats using the same methods as Minecraft color code formats.

If you run into any issues with your nickname, please contact a Staff member for more information!